How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat | 2021


By TaRea

Trying to lose belly fat can get complicated and discouraging. This article will discuss how to develop the right mindset to get rid of stubborn belly fat for a lifetime.

#1 Believing you can lose stubborn belly fat

If you’re reading this blog you’re motivated to lose that stubborn belly fat that has burden you long enough. Self motivation is important but I’m not trying to motivate you instead, I want you to believe.

It’s crucial you believe you can lose weight. When you tell yourself you can’t  do something, you’re correct. When you tell yourself you can do something, you are also correct. If you don’t believe you can lose weight, you won’t. I want you to tell yourself “I believe I can lose stubborn belly fat” 

“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.” – Muhammad Ali

It’s the second part of this quote I enjoy most, pretend you are.Though the end of this quote sounds humorous, it’s a great technique to practice. Identifying yourself  in your mind over and over again as a champion or someone who has lost stubborn belly fat. This creates an identity of a person who has lost belly fat, and that’s who you become.

Have a deep belief you can lose stubborn belly fat and watch how the power of believing works.

#2 learn how to lose stubborn belly fat

Our bodies are very complex and sophisticated. It consists of several different parts which work together for the purpose of a well functioning body. Trying to study Anatomy at the college level is not necessary but I do suggest traveling further down that rabbits hole.  

What is fat? How and why does stubborn belly fat accumulate? and How do you get rid of belly fat? These are the questions we need answers to.

There are several different types of fats, the type of fat most people are aware of is White Fat or white adipose tissue (WAT). Fat is used to insulate our bodies and its used as energy.

Stubborn body fat accumulates when our bodies tell it to. When it’s time, the body stores white fat cells to use later as energy. 

Placing the body in a caloric deficit for long enough time will melt fat away fast.

#3 Trust the process

Trusting the process is being patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, losing stubborn belly fat takes time. There will be a sequence of steps you will take before reaching your goal and you have to take them one step at a time. I suggest you learn to enjoy each step of the process.

Expect to lose stubborn belly fat. You have the mindset part together, nutrition plan, exercise plan and you’re getting plenty of rest. Now, all you need to do is wait! 

If you’ve done your homework and learned how to lose stubborn belly fat, you have to trust your research. Trust the examples you’ve learned about and the science behind losing belly fat. Much of the science research and data on losing weight is correct; you just have to apply it.