Exercise to Lose Belly Fat | 2021


By TaRea

Exercising can rapidly help you lose belly fat but if you’re unfamiliar with this topic, exercising can get overwhelming. Throughout this article I will discuss the different types of  exercises and how much exercising is required.  

#1 Use Weight Resistance Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Best type of exercise to lose belly fat is weight resistance exercises. Weight resistance workouts are exercises that require weight. For example it could be your own body weight or an exercise band. 

Building a little muscle gives men and women those curves we both desire. High cardio workouts do not complement the physique.To get the best results from your weight resistance workouts add cardio to your plan.

To keep it simple, weight resistance exercises give you a better look vs what you would look like if you were on a high cardio workout plan. 

Weight resistance workouts are exercises that allow you to use your own body weight and never pick up a dumbbell if you don’t want to.


  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Pull ups
  • Wall sits 
  • Plank
  • Chair dips

#2 Use A Exercise Plan To Lose Belly Fat

Having a written plan allows you to stay organized so you cover all components of your exercise plan. Throughout the week you have a checklist to record your progress. Following a solid exercise plan can guarantee positive results. 

Planning also provides a blueprint for success. Your plan gives you a step by step guide towards your goal.

The more detailed your plan is the better your results. If I plan on working legs, back and biceps, my plan should include the amount of weight and the number of sets and reps for each exercise.

Your plan sets the standard. Be sure your plan sets you up for success and nothing short of that. Set achievable goals to reach your desired outcome.

#3 Adjust Your Exercise Plan

There is a 1% rule when exercising to lose belly fat. Each week you increase your exercise plan by one percent. This one percent increase each week will help you progress towards your weight loss goals. 

For example if you performed 10 push ups last week the following week you want to increase the number of push ups by 1%. 1% of 10 is 1, you will perform 11 push ups the following week. Apply this rule to each area of your exercise plan. 

Not only should you adjust the intensity of your exercise plan but performing a variety of exercises over time is beneficial. Your body will plateau and your progress will halt due to your body becoming familiar with the exercises. Keep a bag of different exercises for each muscle group.