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Lets Get Fit!

Tapped In Fitness is a one stop shop for individuals losing weight or athletes who are trying to develop their skill. My name is TaRea Fulcher and I created this site to help people reach their fitness goals whatever that might be. I share my knowledge and experience in the fitness field with the intent to inspire and educate.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Human Performance and Sports. I Majored in Sport Industry and Operations (Sport Management) and I have a Minor in Learning Approaches to Physical Activity and Sports (Physical Education).

I currently teach Physical Education. I also coordinate all the sport activities as the Athletic Director.

I am a huge advocate for physical activity. I believe everyone should stay active for a lifetime and as a lifestyle. I really enjoy working with athletes and crave the process of growth and development.

I am passionate about the industry I work in and genuinely want to see you reach your goals. Tapped in Fitness is the GPS that will navigate you to your destination. Commit to the route, make sure you buckle up and enjoy the ride to wellness.