4 Tips on Losing Weight | 2021


By TaRea

Losing weight can be difficult and challenging if you don’t have the proper knowledge. In this article I will provide my top 4 tips on losing weight.

Tip # 1 Develop the right mindset around losing weight

Developing the right mindset is the first tip on losing weight. Your mind must first conceive, believe, then you can achieve any goal you set (Napoleon Hill).

Before the Wright brothers invented the first airplane they first had to conceive the idea in their mind. They believed their idea would work which allowed them to achieve their goal. Same concept applies when losing weight. You first conceive the idea of losing weight. After completing a certain process you achieve your weight loss goals.

 Knowledge is another important key in developing the right mindset around losing weight. There are thousands of research articles on losing weight. This article provides four topics you can research so you have a better understanding about losing weight. Once you receive the proper knowledge on losing weight you have to trust your research.

Trust the process. Trust is knowing an outcome before it happens, like the farmer. Farmers trust their harvest will grow.  You must trust you can lose weight but first plant the seed with the right mindset around losing weight.

Tip # 2 Exercise to lose weight

There is no getting around it, exercise is one of the main ingredients when losing weight. You can lose weight by eating less. This method takes twice as long. Usually when people eat less to lose weight they end up a smaller version of their old self. This is called skinny fat.

I believe the best type of exercise for losing weight is weight bearing exercises. Weight resistance workouts provide women with that hourglass figure they desire and men that upside down triangle look.

Many people believe cardio workouts is the best way to lose weight but this is far from the truth. Cardio workouts do not promote muscle growth which helps with speeding up your metabolism.

When we exercise our bodies release fat burning hormones which speeds up the process of losing weight. Weight resistance exercises along with a proper nutrition plan increase fat loss dramatically.

Tip # 3 Eat the right foods to lose weight

75-80% of your weight loss goal will be contributed to what you eat. You want the majority of your meals to consist of natural foods vs processed foods. If majority of your meals are loaded with processed foods you will remain with a high percentage of body fat. Exercising only will not reduce your weight. Your body will get stronger and you will build endurance but you will still look and remain heavy.

It’s important to understand controlling your insulin levels is critical for losing weight. When insulin levels increase fat will increase. Key to keeping insulin levels low, carbs must go.

There is such a misconception around food and the amount we should eat. Portion size 20 years ago compared to today has almost doubled. Two slices of pizza 20 years ago was 500 calories, today 2 slices of pizza is 850 calories. Society feels more is better but that’s not always the case.

Cutting back and eating less combine with a workout plan will put your body in a caloric deficit. Intermittent fasting will also assist with a caloric deficit and should be implemented for losing weight. Fasting helps with insulin control and it allows your body to tap into stored energy. Fat will melt away like ice cream on a hot sunny day.

Tip# 4 Rest

Rest/recovery is is an very important element for losing weight. When your body is asleep it goes through a series of changes. These changes strengthen the cardiovascular system, immune system and help control your metabolism. 

If we don’t get the adequate amount of rest or sleep, we don’t reap the full benefit of our regiment.

Also, your new eating habits and workout plan will also will require you to need more rest. In order to keep up with these new demands, rest is vital.


Theses tips on losing weight have proven themselves overtime. Losing weight has a mental peace which consist of 3 parts.

  • Believing you can lose weight
  • Knowing how to lose weight
  • Trusting the process

Exercising is a must. Remember weight resistance exercises are the best exercises for weight loss. Eating whole foods and not process foods is tip #3. Rest or recovery is the last tip but it’s just as important as the first. When your body is at rest it rejuvenates itself. Combining all four tips on losing weight is a guaranteed method to reach your goals.